Repro Roundup: Abortion on the ballot

Steph Black
2 min readNov 3, 2020

Welcome to my column, The Repro Roundup, in which I summarize abortion news happening around the country, why it matters, and what you can do about it — in 250 words or less.

What’s the issue? Two anti-abortion measures are on the ballots of Colorado and Louisiana voters today. In Colorado, Proposition 115 will make abortion past the 22 weeks illegal. The two Colorado clinics that provide care later in pregnancy (out of the five total in the country) receive patients from 40 states from an average of 950 miles away. Banning care after that time would be devastating not only for Colorado residents but for people in need of abortion across the country.

In Louisiana, a state constitutional amendment is on the ballot, Amendment 1, that would automatically make abortion illegal in the state in just about all cases if Roe was overturned. It would be veto-proof.

Why does this matter? Abortion is already hard to obtain for most Americans, especially so for low-income and people of color. Any attempt at limiting or outlawing abortion only punishes already marginalized people. We should be working to expand access to abortion care, not legislating it away.

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