Thank you letters for abortion clinics

How to send thank you postcards to abortion providers around the country

Today, I finally got around to using up those forever stamps from 2018. More specifically, I wrote a handful of postcards to my local abortion clinics. Abortion is essential healthcare, especially during a pandemic, and providers are heroes for keeping their clinics open each day. And these clinics get TONS of hate. Both hate mail and hateful people protesting outside of them and harassing providers and patients inside.

So, I decided that I would participate in a #ThankBank and create some simple postcards to send to these clinics! Here’s how you can join me:

  • Use postcards! Please do not send items in envelopes to clinics. I repurposed some thank you notes I had by simply cutting off the back and drawing a line halfway down the middle on the flipside. Here are the USPS specifications of how big a postcard needs to be sent through the mail.
  • Keep it simple or go deep with your message. Simply saying, “thank you” is enough, but if you have a personal message you’d like to send, definitely include it. Clinics love hearing how they’ve impacted their patients’ lives. Don’t forget to decorate them!
  • Find addresses of providers here or here. Today, I stuck to clinics I escort at and other DMV-based clinics.

And that’s it! I’m not particularly artistic but I stuck a few stickers on and tried my best to write neatly.

If you make any postcards and post them on social media, tag me and I’ll repost!

Find me at @stephreflects on Twitter and @stephrose1620 on Instagram.

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Steph Black

Steph Black

Jewish, feminist, queer. Activist, writer in DC. Pro-abortion clinic escort and chronic volunteer. Get in touch, read my newsletter: